26 September 2011

Spatial Education Summit

The Spatial Education Summit in Canberra on ??? Sep was hosted by SSSI and about 50 people attended, by invitation only. There was good representation from all sectors, many at senior levels.

Through structured workshopping and reporting the main issues were identified and potential solutions canvassed.

In summary the issues presented were:

  • significant workforce shortages at degree level and technical/vocational levels
  • low interest from school leavers and mid-career people in taking up spatial qualifications
  • serious problems with the long term viability of degree programs
  • poor succession planning for university staff
  • ageing private sector workforce
  • very low profile for 'spatial' in general community

Of real interest was the announcement that QLD [in full] has just been granted $5.3M from DEWR [in full] to invest in vocational training for spatial technicians.

SSSI has agreed to prepare a summary and draft action plan in the coming months. A Steering Group of around 7 people will over-view this work. The CRCSI CEO is in that group.

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