4 February 2013

Seeking two PhD candidates

CRCSI’s Spatial Infrastructures program is seeking two PhD students. The field of research is the use of semantic web technologies concerned with spatial infrastructures. Spatial infrastructures are used to hold spatial data such as road networks, parcels of land and there are important issues to be solved concerning where data is stored (local authorities, state agencies, or nationally, how it is searched and integrated. The scholarships are available for immediate start.

The two projects are

  1. Use of semantic web technologies for search for spatial data. Technologies such as ontologies, vocabularies, resource description frameworks will be discovered and used to generate appropriate search phrases, potentially being used to query well known search engines.
  2. Use of semantic web technologies for semi-automatic or automatic integration of spatial data from different sources. Different agencies produce spatial data following their own schema and standards. We need to explore systems that can seamlessly combine the data without the need to top-down dictate what schema of standards should be used.

The two PhD studentships have a total value of $36k each. This will be made up of $28k stipend and $8k for travel, conferences and equipment per annum. The scholarships are provided via a research contract with the CRC for Spatial Information.

The CRC for Spatial Information ( is a federally funded research centre carrying out applied research into many aspects of spatial information. It has $32m of funding from the Australian government and a similar amount from other organisations. it runs from 2010 to 2018.

Applicants will have a background in computer science and/or software engineering and some experience in geomatics would be an advantage. Candidates are expected to be comfortable with collaborating with industry and government agencies.

Contact Prof Geoff West for more information.

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