27 March 2017

QA4Lab – Automated quality assurance for point clouds

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QA4LAB is a series of software tools for the quality assurance of point cloud data, created by the CRCSI. This series of software tools was initially based on LiDAR, but is now expanding into photogrammetric point clouds with QA4UAV. 

This expertise includes:

  1. QA4LiDAR to simplify the quality assurance for airborne topographic and bathymetric LiDAR deliveries
  2. QA4MOBiLE, an easy-to-use, standard compliance and quality assurance checking mechanism for mobile laser scanning (MLS) data
  3. QA4UAV, a quality assurance tool for UAV imagery and photogrammetric point clouds.

The QA4LAB website hosts downloadable resources including quality assurance software packages, form editors and visual review platforms that allow operators to assess data quality. Visit the website.


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