1 May 2012

PSMA wins international geospatial award

A spatial information technology project developed by PSMA Australia has won a major award at the Geospatial World Forum Conference, currently underway in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Geospatial World Policy Award for Exemplary Implementation of Geospatial Policies and Programs was awarded to PSMA Systems in recognition of the technology’s role in significantly improving and streamlining the mechanism for collection, assembly and delivery of fundamental geospatial information for Australia.

Dan Paull, PSMA Australia Chief Executive Officer said: “PSMA Systems, which is founded on the application of services orientated architecture and web services, represents world-leading technology for managing and accessing geospatial data.

“PSMA Systems has reduced delivery times, improved data quality and provided more flexible access to Australia’s authoritative geospatial datasets.

“It also provides a technology platform that makes it easier, faster and more cost effective for all types of organisations to extract the value inherent in these and other geospatial datasets, particularly in terms of the integration of geospatial information within standard enterprise systems.”

Full story from Spatial Source.

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