19 June 2012

Nokia and Critchlow join forces in New Zealand

An agreement between Critchlow and Nokia Location & Commerce has been signed increasing the geospatial datasets available to New Zealand's government and the commercial sector.

The deal sees Wellington-based Critchlow become the preferred reseller for a range of specialist NAVTEQ Map data and services.

Not only does the agreement introduce datasets not currently available in New Zealand – like sophisticated 3D city models and comprehensive traffic pattern data – the deal also allows Critchlow to resell NAVTEQ Map data to New Zealand- and Australian-based organisations that need multi-national datasets.

Critchlow chief executive Jos Kunnen says the new deal is expected to boost the company's existing export revenue in the emergency services sector.

"We've already built route optimisation solutions for the New Zealand market, and this reseller agreement allows us to upscale the existing solution for the international market and localise it using NAVTEQ transport network data for whatever geography we choose."

Full story from SpatialSource.

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