5 January 2016

New Zealand Sets Geospatial R&D Priorities

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The New Zealand Government through Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has identified 40 geospatial research and development priorities and opportunities through a broad consultation process involving 14 workshops and over 200 people.

Seven specific topics were highlighted. These are:

  1. Crowd-sourcing
  2. Data Intensity
  3. Data Management and Governance
  4. Fundamental Datasets
  5. High Value Manufacturing and Services
  6. Interoperability and Standards
  7. Metadata

The series of reports published in December 2015 have identified 40 R&D opportunities. The reports can be downloaded here.

Underpinning the value of the New Zealand opportunities will be to drive a end user understanding of geospatial information and its role in economic development of New Zealand society at a personal consumer level and for business and government.

The New Zealand government has committed to the ongoing development of the geospatial sector and will support the ongoing work to:

  • Develop the pool of talented geospatial researchers and developers
  • Understand the extent of existing geospatial R&D in the public and private sectors
  • Encourage investment in geospatial R&D.

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