21 March 2012

WASEA & WASSIC 2012: Surveying and spatial diversity

Building on last year’s event, this year’s West Australian Surveying and Spatial Information Conference (WASSIC) will be even bigger and better, incorporating an expanded spatial stream and a larger exhibition.

The revamped WASSIC 2012 event will also be run for the first time in conjunction with the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards (WASEA) dinner.

Spatial Diversity is the theme, and WASSIC 2012 will feature a wide range of suppliers and industry representatives, and will cover subjects of interest to all SSSI commissions in streamed technical sessions with significant keynotes.

The conference on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th May is hosted by all commissions of the SSSIWA Region in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors – bringing a strong mine surveying influence – and the Spatial Industry Business Association – concentrating on business aspects.

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