17 March 2016

March News

By: Jessica Purbrick-Herbst |  Tags: , , ,

It's March already and as the seasons creep towards the crack of winter, I bring you the first CRCSI News edition for 2016. It's definitely worth the wait.

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Highlights this month:

  • A few more stories from the CRCSI conference journalist Karen Cambrell
  • The British Medical Journal publishes the findings from the CRCSI project on Type 2 Diabetes – click here to download the story
  • The two Nathans talk about their time at COP21 in Paris and the positive impacts in climate change
  • We farewell Ed Garvin of OMNILINK after six years on the 43pl Board and welcome new faces
  • Mental Health outcomes transfer into better support from the New Zealand Government through research conducted by the CRCSI PhD student, Daniel Hogg.

You can read the full edition here.

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Jessica Purbrick-Herbst
Communication Manager

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