19 April 2012

Map it once, use it many times - Bill

A Bill has been introduced into the US Congress called the "Map it Once Use it Many times Act" (see below), as introduced by Republican Congressman  Doug Lamborn.

Its purpose is to ensure the a comprehensive geospatial 'database' (and it defines what should be in the database) is available to improve service delivery, reduce costs and duplication  and foster the growth of private geoispatial firms.

It identifies that geospatial information is necessary and has broad economic value and goes on to highlight some interesting areas it will assist with:

  • Preventing future disruptions in home mortgage system
  • Implementation and development of smart energy grid
  • Deployment of national broadband service

It details a funding strategy that includes the use of government appropriations and also (unusually for the US) user fees for access to the database.

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