11 March 2013

Major study on the state of geomatics in Canada

Natural Resources Canada’s Mapping Information Branch in collaboration with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing and the Surveyor General Branch, is pleased to announce that a contract has been awarded to Hickling Arthurs Low Corporation (HAL) to carry out a major study on the state of geomatics in Canada. HAL's partners in the project include ACIL Tasman, Fujitsu Canada and ConsultingWhere.

The primary focus for the study is to understand the current situation and emerging trends in Canadian geospatial activities and their overall direct and indirect economic value and contribution to the Canadian economy, including

  • the state of the geomatics sector in Canada
  • global trends involving geospatial information and Canada’s position relative to those trends
  • the significance and value of the geomatics sector and geospatial information to the Canadian economy
  • the current, new and alternative roles for government, industry and academia in driving, supporting and using geospatial information

There are two components to the project

  1. The Geomatics Environmental Scan will examine the current geospatial information market in Canada and profile the Canadian geomatics sector, examine current participation in international markets and evaluate the importance to Canada’s domestic market, identify technology, economic, social and demographic trends, examine the contributions of government, industry and academia and the challenges and opportunities for each, and provide an analysis of the labour market, education and training currently available
  2. The Economic Value Study will determine the value of open geospatial information within the Canadian economy and its contribution to competitiveness and innovation in Canada, evaluate geospatial information as a ‘public good’ in the Canadian context, and make recommendations on the future strategic direction for geospatial information in Canada with an emphasis on the roles that can be played by the government, industry and academia

The study, managed by the GeoConnections Program of NRCan’s Mapping Information Branch is scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2014.

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