19 March 2012

KCA Masterclass 2012

The latest KCA metrics survey highlighted the importance of public sector research collaborations, contracts and partnerships with industry and valued this portion of our activities at $1.3 billion annually. Whether you are a large public sector research organisation or a smaller university you need to be able to engage and work collaboratively with industry to achieve effective translation of your research endeavours and outcomes.

This KCA Masterclass will explore various approaches to improve research partnerships and interactions between the public research sector and industry. What works well and what doesn’t? How can we better understand each others needs in this process? What are some of the issues and deal-breakers in such interactions?

5 September 2016

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31 August 2016

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12 August 2016


28 July 2016

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25 July 2016

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20 June 2016

Spatial News, Edition 56

1 June 2016

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