7 March 2011

ISDE7 Keynote Speakers

7th International Symposium on Digital Earth 

Key speakers at ISDE7 in August 2011 included:

Jack Dangermond, ESRI President

"Video presentation"

Jack Dangermond founded Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) in 1969 with a vision that computer mapping and analysis could help us design a better future. Under Dangermond’s leadership, that vision has continued to guide ESRI in creating cutting-edge GIS and GeoDesign technologies used in every industry to make a difference worldwide. He has received many prestigious awards and citations.

Ian Jackson, British Geological Survey (BGS)

"Exploitation of geoscience data for societal benefit"

Ian is Chief of Operations at the British Geological Society. Innovative use of early computing systems to handle the large geological datasets led to Ian's appointment as the manager of a corporate project to introduce digital mapping across BGS and subsequently produce the GB national geological map and geohazard digital databases, and operational 3D modelling and digital workflows in BGS. A dominant theme in his career is the wider exploitation of geoscience data for societal benefit in the UK and internationally as an executive or council member of international initiatives (IGC, EC INSPIRE, IAMG and OneGeology).

Elizabeth Lee, CyArk

"Digitally preserving cultural heritage sites"

Elizabeth Lee is the Director of Projects and Development at CyArk. CyArk is a non-profit organisation with the mission of: digitally preserving cultural heritage sites through collecting, archiving and providing open access to data created by laser scanning, digital modeling, and other state-of-the-art technologies.

CyArk have worked on a large number of major world heritage sites including Babylon, Ancient Thebes, Angkor Wat, Pompeii, the Tower of Pisa, Tikal, Easter Island, and Mt. Rushmore. Elizabeth has conducted fieldwork for CyArk all over the world. Prior to joining CyArk, she founded the UC Berkeley/ CyArk Visualisation Lab and served as instructor for the UC Berkeley/ CyArk Internship Program.

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