15 October 2015

Growth in spatial information

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An updated review of the spatial information industry will be released in early 2016.

The Global Outlook Report published in 2014 for the spatial information industry highlights the three interconnected trends: global technology developments, global spatial markets and technologies, and the global economic picture.

Geoservices industries are growing at 30% per annum. Satellite payloads (2013- 2032) will almost triple the number of satellites that are currently in orbit. The global remote sensing market is forecast to grow at 8% until 2019. Globally, GNSS-enabled smartphones account for over half of all smartphone-enabled devices in 2014, and are experiencing a growth rate of 22%.

There is significant growth in indoor positioning devices and applications with investment in mobility growing, the cloud will more than double and collaboration tools will increase.

By the end of this decade, 50 billion 'things' will connect to the mobile network, consuming 1000 times as much data as today's mobile devices at rates 10 to 100 times faster than existing networks can support.

In early 2016 an updated review of the industry will be released in the Report Global Outlook 2016: Spatial Information Industry by Dr Isabel Coppa, Nicola Hart and Dr Peter Woodgate.

The report will highlight infrastructure that is needed to collect spatial data such as sensors (internet of things, wearable and smart devices), networks and connectivity and remote sensing technologies (satellites and UAVs). It will provide the details about what is needed to make systems smart –available open data, spatial information systems (indoors, outdoors), big data, algorithms, applications and examples of various resulting smart systems.

Human interaction with spatial systems from crowd sourcing data and intelligence, to workforce changes and relevant technologies touching on human health will also be covered along with the concerns such as the rise and possible implications of artificial intelligence, and the complicated conflict of need for security and right to privacy.

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