4 July 2013

FPX winner in 2013 VINNVÄXT funding round

The Swedish Global Spatial Network (GSN) partner, Future Position X, is one of three winners of the 2013 VINNVÄXT funding round. This success means that FPX has funding for 10 years to develop innovative geographic information solutions for public health using geographic information technology.

The initiative is called Geo Life Region and it aims to better understand individual’s movements and behaviours to improve health and wellbeing. The proposal required active participation of stakeholders in industry, research, politics and public affairs.

“The GSN community is proud to be a part of this exciting initiative. Gävleborg is the ideal place to establish the Geo Life program given the leadership of spatial industries in this region. Results of the program will be adopted by other communities world-wide” says Nicholas Chrisman, President of the GSN.

VINNVÄXT promotes sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive in specific regional growth areas. Within the space of ten years the winners must be established as nationally and internationally strong and attractive innovation environments. The selection was made by means of an internal and external assessment panel.

The program has been going since 2001 and today comprises eleven initiatives around the country. There will be a ceremony for the three winners in Sweden in the coming months.

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