5 September 2011

Flooding impacting electric power facilites

GITA ANZ 2011: Determining the impact on electric power facilities of flooding in Queensland

At an exciting 2011 GITA ANZ Geospatial Solutions Conference in Sydney last week, Mark Volz of Ergon Energy gave a fascinating presentation on how Ergon monitored flooding and managed electric power during the Decemeber 2010/January 2011 flood season in Queensland, Australia.

Extensive flooding occurred in many areas of Queensland during late December 2010 and early January 2011, exacerbated by Cyclone Tasha, a category 1 tropical storm, with three quarters of the state, or 1 000 000 km2 declared a disaster zone. In some areas flooding was so severe that mandatory evacuation was imposed on several towns.

One of the most important sources of information for disaster responders was 10 000 layered PDFs that had been produced by the Ergon team in less than a week.


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