20 March 2012

Exchange opportunity in China

The CRCSI is a participant in a group known as ABCC that involves Australia, Brazil, Canada, and China.  It's creation was driven by Prof. Guo Huadong, Director General of the Centre for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE) in Beijing.  Some information is available at:

To enhance collaboration, CEODE has offered to host Australian researchers in Beijing for 1-2 months to work on targeted projects with Chinese colleagues.  Our understanding is that CEODE would be willing to cover expenses for Australian researchers to travel to Beijing, and there would be an expectation that Australia would be willing to reciprocate.  To that end, the CRCSI has decided to make available $5,000 to cover the cost of a Chinese visitor spending 1-2 months in Australia.

This opportunity is targeted at established researchers, but might also be made available to post-grad students.  I stress, however, that the goal is pursuing tangible projects of mutual interest rather than short-term visits focussed on general information exchange.

To that end, CEODE has identified some key researchers and research themes of interest -- see below.  If you want to pursue this, you should contact the Chinese researchers directly to develop a research and exchange plan.  This does not have to be highly detailed (1-2 pages maximum).  there is no specific template, but the plan would have to contain all the usual elements -- Objective, Methodology, Potential Impacts, Timetable, etc. -- that would allow the CRCSI to evaluate the nature of the collaboration and the benefits to the CRCSI.

For more information, please contact Kim Lowell.

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