9 September 2011

Deep Earth Study

The Academy of Science through Phil McFadden, former Chief Scientist of Geoscience Australia, has initiated a project to identify the research needed to assess the mineral resources that sit below the deep unconsolidated layer (the ‘regolith’) over much of Australia. Geophysicists speculate that there is even more mineral wealth in the next layer down than we have discovered or exploited at the surface.

This is primarily a mapping research project . Complex 3D and 4D spatial models of much of Australia will need to be developed along with new and innovative ways of handling large volumes of data and designing new remote sensing techniques. Dr Peter Woodgate, CRCSI CEO, was asked to become involved to facilitate coordination with the wider spatial community and because of his previous research work in airborne geophysics.

A proposal is being prepared by senior scientists from GA, CSIRO, some universities and the private sector. The Academy of Science will publish the proposal around Christmas.

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