10 April 2014

CRCSI Wins at 2013 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

The CRCSI featured prominently at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA), with the Savannah Burning Abatement Tool (SavBAT) winning the Environment and Sustainability award and CRCSI PhD student, Xin Liu winning the Post-Graduate Student of the Year award.

Presented at the Locate 14 conference in Canberra, the APSEA awards recognise the achievements of both individuals and organisations in the spatial information industry from across the region.

Developed on behalf of the Department of Environment, the award winning Savannah Burning Abatement Tool (SavBAT) was the result of a joint project between the CRCSI, Spatial Vision and Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research.

SavBAT assists ranger groups, pastoralists, State Governments and in particular indigenous land managers to calculate the carbon credits controlled burning can achieve under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).

By initiating a controlled burn early in the dry season, in line with traditional Indigenous methods, landowners can reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as improve an area’s biodiversity. SavBAT is a web tool which automates the spatial analysis and key calculations required for the CFI savannah burning methodology, substantially reducing the time and cost of applying this methodology.

Xin Liu, Curtin University and CRCSI PhD student won the national Postgraduate Student Award for his study on “The Determination of High Water Mark along the Western Australia Coastal Line”. The study was seen as having a significant impact on reducing coastal land ownership conflicts and preventing potential damage to properties from poorly located land developments.

The awards are recognition of the contribution made by the CRCSI in partnership with the spatial community to assist in the resolution of significant issues facing both Australia and the Pacific.

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