27 March 2013

CRCSI NZ Director Engaging new role

The NZ Geospatial Office (NZGO) has announced that the CRCSI New Zealand Director, Mary Sue Severn, has taken up a new role as Engagement Leader for the NZGO. CRCSI wishes to congratulate her on both the wonderful work in establishing and growing the CRCSI in New Zealand and her new appointment. All the CRCSI staff wish her well in the new role.

We also echo the NZGO's announcement that ' Mary Sue has been a driving force behind lifting CRCSI’s profile and government, academic and industry participation in CRCSI activities. The Engagement Leader role is a natural progression for her, where she can use her strengths in communication, relationship management and analysis towards implementing the Geospatial Strategy.'

The Engagement Leader is a new role for NZGO. It is responsible for a number of stakeholder-related activities in NZGO, such as leading stakeholder engagement initiatives and building collaborative relationships, implementing and facilitating the maturity model, managing the development of case studies that showcase the value of geospatial, and ensuring effective management and facilitation of governance groups.

LINZ and the CRCSI will be looking to advertise the Director CRCSI role over the next few weeks. In the meantime, Mary Sue will continue to fulfill the CRCSI role and the key R&D management activities including the development of the New Zealand Geospatial Research Strategy.

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