27 November 2014

CRCSI Awards

Awards winners, Mark Judd, Arron Walker, Graeme Wright and James McIntosh (L-R).

At the recent Conference in Perth the outstanding contributions of four key CRCSI people were recognised. The CRCSI Chair’s Award for an outstanding achievement in any aspect of the CRCSI was given to Professor Graeme Wright for a sustained and exemplary contribution to the governance, research and academic leadership of the CRCSI since inception in 2003. Dr Peter Woodgate commented “Graeme has been involved since the very beginnings of the CRCSI and indeed before its formal commencement. As then Head of School he participated in the formation of the WA proposal, and supported with great statesmanship the brokerage of the merger to create the larger enterprise we refer to as CRCSI-1. From 2004 throughout CRCSI-1 he contributed strongly and always impartially to the Research and Education Advisory Committee, and joined the Board in 2007 as alternate director and subsequently as a full director.

From the 2010 start of CRCSI-2 he has mostly ably chaired CRCSI-2 Research Investment Committee to date, as well as served on the CRCSI-2 Board as the nominee of the Research and Education College, which he chaired during the very busy establishment phase of CRCSI-2.

During this time he has also managed to supervise a number of CRCSI PhD students.

He has always been and remains a source of wise, impartial and unbiased counsel for the CRCSI, without which we all would have been much the poorer.

The Award for Research Excellence posthumously recognised the work of Prof. Rod Walker (dec.), formerly of QUT in recognition of outstanding contributions to CRCSI research and innovation promising high impact outcomes for end users. As Founding Director of the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation, Professor Rod Walker was instrumental in conceiving the research that has led to the development of the autonomous aircraft guidance system (FAS) that is now saving Ergon $14M a year in remote asset inspection costs. ARCAA has played a key role in helping Ergon spin-out the new ROAMES business to Fugro. His award was accepted by Rod’s brother, Dr Arron Walker.

Dr Nathan Quadros handed the 2014 CRCSI Student Excellence Award to James McIntosh, for his outstanding research effort and contribution to CRCSI Project 4.51 - Funding Sustainable Transport Through an Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning Framework Utilising Value Capture. Currently, James is an Integrated Land Use and Transport Consultant. James has three Masters degrees including Spatial Science from Curtin where he gained his CRCSI PhD scholarship. His thesis is on how to use land value capture to fund new rail projects. Within his PhD he developed a model with the WA Treasury Corporation using $7 million worth of data across the Perth metro area. The model showed that 80 per cent of the cost of building the Southern Railway could have been generated by land value capture. During his PhD, James has excelled in partner engagement by undertaking several industry related contract research projects directly relevant to his PhD. These include:

  • Funding Mechanisms for Public Transport in Perth: the Potential Role of Value Capture, Committee for Perth
  • Initial Assessment of the Accessibility & New Funding Opportunities for the Doncaster Rail Project, City of Manningham, Melbourne
  • Calculation of the Effects of Rail on Perth Land Values, Stirling Alliance (Department of Planning, W.A.)

His PhD is currently being examined, and is based on seven academic publications all in top rated journals. 

And lastly, the 2014 43pl Company Award which recognizes a company or individual that has made an outstanding contribution to and on behalf of 43pl was given to Mr Mark Judd, Manager – Innovation, Select Solutions (Division of AusNet Services).

David Sinclair, Chair, 43pl delivered the Award saying ‘the winner has been a champion for the 43pl cause from the very start of the CRCSI.  He had a vital hands-on role enticing the 43 foundation companies to understand and embrace this new industry direction.  His leadership not only inspired his peers to invest in 43pl, but left a long standing legacy of industry unity. ‘

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