13 July 2012

Combining Mobile and UAV Scans for 3D City Modeling in Singapore

The Singapore ETH Centre-Future Cities Laboratory (SEC-FCL) has commissioned a mission to laser-scan the campus of the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a mobile mapping system (MMS), and as a result a unique multi-source 3D dataset was generated, providing new algorithmic and procedural approaches to 3D city modeling.

In three hours of mobile scanning, 16.7 km of roads were captured, consisting of 154 GB of point clouds, with 8,166 video street images at 34 GB. This MMS data will be added to the already existing 800 aerial images produced with a UAV (octocopter) in February 2012. The final aim is to produce a very high resolution 3D model of the NUS campus.

This is the first time that such data are being combined in an effort to make best use of information contained in aerial and terrestrial images as well as in terrestrial point clouds. The processing of the data is quite challenging and requires new approaches to 3D modeling from multi-source data.

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