15 April 2011

ASGS roadshow

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) National Roadshow (May & June 2011)

The ABS is introducing a new Statistical Geography Standard from July 2011 and you are invited to participate in Information Sessions that are being held in each State during May and June (view schedule).

Improved data sources and technology has allowed the ABS the opportunity to create a better Geography optimised for the release of ABS statistics. A new robust and stable structure means that changes over time are minimised, assisting in the maintenance of quality time-series data. In addition, the ASGS together with improved methods will allow for more accurate correspondences to translate ABS data to non-ABS administrative and geographic regions.

The session will include information on the need for change, the conceptual basis of the ASGS, a timetable for the release of ABS data on the ASGS, and how the ABS is assisting in the transition from the ASGC to the ASGS. There will be a 45-minute presentation, after which there will be time available for questions, both in the general forum and on a one-on-one basis.

To find out more about the ASGS and its implementation, or if you are planning to attend, please email or phone the contact officer in your State for more details about numbers, venues and session times.

More information is available on theĀ ABS website.

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