28 June 2013

3D Imaging two great wrecks

The Australian Commonwealth Government recently announced the award of a $483k Your Community Heritage grant to support the use highresolution 3D imaging technologies to survey the wrecks of the HMAS Sydney II and the HSK Kormoran.

The project will allow the site to be properly protected, conserved and interpreted for future generations. At Curtin, the project is led by Andrew Hutchison from Design, Andrew Woods from CMST, and Petra Helmholz from Spatial Sciences.

“For the past two years we have been conducting research on the image and video dataset that was collected from the wreck sites when they were discovered in 2008 – both to understand the site and to test new 3D imaging technologies for a future return to the wrecks.

The small selection of 3D images and 3D models we have extracted so far are stunning and illustrate the great potential for improving the understanding and interpretation of deep-water wrecks,” explained Woods.

The project is a collaboration between Curtin University, WA Museum, DOF Subsea, Australian National Maritime Museum, iVEC@UWA, and several other project partners.

The first research paper from the project was recently presented in Germany

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