The CRCSI International works with Australia's best people and organisations to deliver impact. Our network of skills, expertise and knowledge extends into Asia, Europe, the America's and beyond.

We have supported through scholarship programs 40 students. These next generation PhD students come to us from Australia and New Zealand, China, India, Malaysia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, bringing with them unique skills and expertise that through their PhDs build upon new learnings for Australian research. Their research creates best practice standards and methodologies which are rigor tested and embedded into the way we do things.

Our network of partners and strength of relationships are what stands us apart. Our unique ability to bring together world leaders in research and application has led to real impacts and international awards.

Some of our project partners are:

International network


A full list of the CRCSI partners can be found here

Alumni Ambassadors

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Global Approach

The CRCSI draws on its global network to provide expertise and capacity building. As such, it has developed a number of working relationships (memorandum of understanding) with the following organisations: