The Vanuatu Globe (a Google Earth platform used to display digital elevation in the Pacific Islands) became the first response mapping tool for hundreds of users including the Vanuatu Government, the World Bank, non-government first responders and the people of Vanuatu in the days following Cyclone Pam – a category 5 cyclone that hit Vanuatu in March 2015.

2B. First Response Mapping Cyclone Pam across VanuatuKnown as the Cyclone Pam Crisis Map, imagery of damaged areas, affected houses and inundated roads along with population data, geotagged twitter photos and food drop information were added in real time to this open source globe platform.

Accessed by thousands of people in the days after Cyclone Pam, it was only possible because of the preceding capacity building research.

This was a volunteer activity drawing on resources from NGIS Australia and the work conducted by previous projects; Pacific Islands Capacity Building.