This nine month, US$1.25M project located in Samoa, worked with CRCSI partner Fugro LADS and the Government of Samoa to better understand the bathymetry and elevation data to support coastal community resilience to climate variability and change.

The focus of the work was to develop and implement immediate activities to adapt to climate change and climate variability; to protect life and livelihoods of the people, infrastructure and environment; samoa
 incorporate adaption measures and goals into national and sectorial policies and development goals; and increase awareness of climate change impacts and adaption activities in communities, civil society and government. 

The project involved the acquisition and processing of both topographic and bathymetric LiDAR for Samoa leading to the development of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and other derived products. The CRCSI team designed and wrote the specifications for the LiDAR surveys, provided technical advice on survey acquisition an data quality assurance verification on behalf of the Samoan Government.