MasterplanDeveloping a nation building geospatial master plan led the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Malaysia) to seek expertise from the CRCSI. This two year US$4M project (to be completed in 2018) will see a number of outcomes.

  1. Strengthening governance through the fortification of national geospatial efforts with effective implementation, coordination and enforcement
  2. Setting a strategic direction for the development of infrastructure / mechanisms for sharing, usage, legislation and enforcement of national geospatial information in an efficient and effective manner for achieving sustainable development through natural growth based on the geospatial information and improving competitiveness and economic growth in the process
  3. Empowering the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure program by managing geospatial information more clearly and comprehensively, and moving towards the creation of a spatially-enabled government.

The CRCSI team is working in conjunction with Malaysia based Dr Nik & Associates to provide a range of strategic activities and technical review and advice, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement with particular focus on the Secretary General, Director General and Deputy Director Generals, Federal Government Department, Malaysia

  • Development of Spatial Policy and Governance Framework across government sectors¬†

  • Development of Economic Benefit Analysis on Value of Spatial Information in Malaysia

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure Maturity Assessment across government departments

  • Strategic inputs to the Enterprise Architecture and Business Model for the Master Plan.¬†