We have recently worked with Pacific Island nations to create LiDAR based tools and open globes to understand and act upon rising sea levels. We have developed robust geospatial strategies for Governments in South East Asia along with the research capabilities behind Smart Cities.

In India and the Middle East our expertise has led to in-country capabilities in understanding the application of location based research for positioning capabilities and spatial infrastructures (methods and standards and fit-for-purpose usability).

We are working with Swedish partners to deliver better predictive health outcomes for respiratory patients. And research with Britain's Satellite Applications Catapult has led to better opportunities in commercial feasibility of leveraging satellite derived services in agriculture, forest monitoring and water resource systems.

The following projects and initiatives showcase just some of the work we are conducting internationally with our partners.

Japanese Satellites Guide Australian Positioning

Achieved 5cm real-time positioning accuracy with Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) for precision agriculture.

Vanuatu Coastal Risk - Interactive Website

Coastal Risk Vanuatu empowers coastal people and communities to take proactive steps to act on sea level rise.

Malaysian Geospatial Master Plan

Empowering the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure program by managing geospatial information.

UK Space Agency Radar Investigation

Investigation of technical and commercial feasibility of leveraging satellite derived services through a geospatial data infrastructure.

Bangladesh Weather and Climate

Technical expertise to improve the Bangladesh Bureau of Meteorology understanding of the region's deltaic and coastal underwater topography.

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam First Response Mapping

In October 2015, this work won the United Nations Lighthouse Activities Momentum for Change Award.

Pacific Islands Coastal Inundation Capacity Building

Working with Pacific Island governments in Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Samoan Enhanced Climate Resilience

Develop and implement immediate activities to adapt to climate change and climate variability; to protect life and livelihoods.

Papua New Guinea, Kokoda Initiative

In 2008, the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia implemented an agreement to manage the historic Kokoda Track.

Chinese Sichuan Earthquake Response

Vital real-time information on the Sichuan earthquake provided critical assistance to the Chinese rescue efforts.