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We bring together expertise – talented people, organisational capacity and collaborative funding –  representing government agencies, university research and private sector capability. It is this unique combination of innovation that ensures all projects are best practice and deliver robust cutting-edge solutions to our partners. 

Connect with EXPERTS

Work with us to identify the research problem that requires a location based solution. Use our expertise to bring together the organisations that adopt global best practice to unfold and implement. Bring your team and staff on-board to build your own capability and know-how.

Key People

In the first instance to discuss ideas and find out more about collaborative research partnerships, investment and in-country deliverable's, please connect with our key people.

zaffar sadiq mohamed ghouse1Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-GhouseDirector, International Relations direct involvement with South East Asia and India and Middle East governments along with AusTrade, DFAT, UNGGIM, ISO and OGC.


NathanQuadrosDr Nathan QuadrosProgram Manager with Asia Pacific experience and Australian Government Aid Agencies, United Nations and World Bank.