Commercialisation and Investment Opportunities

Our research delivers outcomes that reduce costs to end users in collection, processing, delivery, maintenance and the usage of spatial information.

The CRC for Spatial Information has grown a portfolio of intellectual property through its user-led research. This research has delivered major innovation and productivity advances in key industry sectors including: agriculture, natural resources and climate change; defence; built environment; and health through the delivery of spatial information across positioning, rapid spatial analytics and spatial infrastructures

The current research portfolio – developed since 2010 – provides a range of commercialisation and technology transfer opportunities for our collaborative participants and partners, along with users of spatial technologies in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe.

We encourage you to explore our range of intellectual property offerings and further commercialisations mapped out below.

Specific and more detailed opportunity relating to the positioning, navigation and timing applications that deliver higher accuracy, intrgrity and availability can be found here

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