Activities are conducted in geographic nodes at our partner institutions across Australia and New Zealand. Melbourne is the corporate base for the CRCSI with management offices in Wellington, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney to provide local presence and to coordinate activities.

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CRCSI is an unincorporated joint venture of 95 partners that operates through its wholly-owned entity Spatial Information Systems Research Ltd.

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A college system facilitates communication, accountability and decision-making across all the partners

  • Research and Education College
  • Government College - led by ANZLIC
  • SME College through 43pl

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The research programs are led by senior researchers. The scientists have impressive records of research performance and demonstrated capability to collaborate, cooperate and manage complex industry-focused research projects. Researchers from leading centres of academic excellence in spatial information bring a range of multi-disciplinary skills to the CRCSI. Program Boards, chaired by end users, provide strategic direction and review program activities.

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