The four key program areas are:

  • Agriculture, Natural Resources and Climate Change through creation of a biomass and carbon monitoring system for high resolution and high frequency application on farms and through improved environmental monitoring
  • Defence by adapting the capabilities of CRCSIs research portfolio
  • Built Environment to build new tools to support sustainable built infrastructure development
  • Health by helping agencies to spatially enable their clinical databases.


CRCSI Research Proposal Timeline 16 Weeks

Click here to download the Project Proposal Timeline.

The research proposal from first review by the Research Director to approval by the Research Investment Committee (RIC) is 16 weeks for major projects. Special projects such as Exceptional Spatial Ideas may result in a more streamline faster review process.

Project Proposals

To apply for funding, partners, participants and 43pl members are encouraged to explore the range of funding opportunities in discussion with the relevant Program Manager before completing a research proposal template. Additional questions can be directed to the Program Science Director or Dr Phil Collier, Research Director.

In the first instance, please complete a Project Proposal Summary – a two page word document that allows the exploration of the research concept and ideas to be submitted and approved before completing a more detailed project proposal.

The Project Proposal Summary can be downloaded here.

The following (downloadable) templates cover the range of proposal offerings depending upon cash and in kind requests. 

  1. Major Project Proposal Template (updated February 2017): use this template for cash requests over $50k and/or total project cost (cash + in kind) over $150k
  2. Small Project Proposal Template (updated February 2017): use this template for cash requests under $50k and total project cost (cash + in kind) under $150k
  3. PhD-only Project Proposal Template: use this template for projects requesting funds for a PhD scholarship only
  4. Exceptional Spatial Ideas Template: use this template for projects that expand the current scope and focus of the utilisation and application of spatial information. Cash requests up to $100k are available through this scheme.

The above templates are word documents for ease of completion and sharing across the project proposal team. Most questions have a maximum word count to guide the level of detail required in each area. Please remember that the first stage of the project proposal is a scoping exercise rather than a detailed full proposal.

When developing project proposals, it may also be useful to examine the following communication matrix to determine the key audience opportunities through the CRCSI network.

Communication matrix

Click here to download the communication matrix.

A synopsis of the CRC Programme Commonwealth Agreement Milestones can be found here, and further assistance with research ideas and proposal should be directed to the relevant Program or Business Development Manager.

Exceptional Spatial Ideas Proposals

The CRCSI established the Exceptional Spatial Ideas (ESI) scheme to support the exploration and validation of new ideas and opportunities in the spatial sciences. We are particularly interested in exceptional spatial ideas that push the boundaries of current approaches and challenge existing paradigms.

Applicants can be any CRCSI participant organisation (academic, private, government) or consortium of such organisations. The fund makes up to $100k available for each successful proposal. The criteria and process for evaluating ESI proposals are given below:

Criteria for evaluation

  • The strong potential of any presented idea must be clearly identifiable 
  • The submitted idea should demonstrate potential for step-change impact
  • The idea should hold the prospect of building new partnerships

Process of evaluation

  • Ideas can be brought forward at any time, by any CRCSI participant organisation
  • Exceptional ideas should not align with an existing CRCSI research project
  • Funding requests need not be accompanied by external sponsorship 
  • It is not necessary to satisfy the 3:1 in-kind to cash support to secure CRCSI funding
  • The CEO and RIC Chair will pre-review submitted ideas prior to RIC consideration
  • RIC will consider ESI proposals out of session

How have Exceptional Spatial Ideas been used in the past?
A project example: “Place as a vital sign of health”. In collaboration with Curtin University this project examined patient record data held by general practitioners to identify and explore correlations between Type II Diabetes incidence and treatment outcomes and the physical location of patient populations.