peter teunissen

Positioning Science Director

Prof Peter Teunissen

Curtin University

Science Director Program 1

Department of Spatial Sciences
Bentley, Western Australia, 6102


Prof Peter Teunissen completed his PhD in geodesy with honours at TU Delft in 1985. He is currently Federation Fellow of the Australian Research Council (2009) working on the theory and modelling for the next generation GNSS. He is inventor of the LAMBDA method and has 25 years of research experience in GNSS positioning and navigation.

Peter was awarded the prestigious five-year Constantijn en Christiaan Huygens Fellowship (1986-1991) by the Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Pure Research. He spent time at the Laboratory of Geodetic Computing, University of Stuttgart and University of Calgary.

Peter is currently member of several editorial boards, including GPS Solutions , Optimization and Engineering, and Studia Geodaetica et Geophysica.