Business Development & Program Manager

Philip Tickle

CRC for Spatial Information

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Climate Change

Australian Capital Territory, Australia

+61 2 6249 9769

+61 437 593 037


Phil is responsible for the business development and program management facets of the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Climate Change Program within the CRCSI. He has over 25 years professional experience in the application of geospatial solutions to natural resource and environmental management, agricultural and climate change adaptation.

Phil has worked in government undertaking applied research, science-policy advice, nationally significant program implementation, and in the private sector. In recent years, Phil has played key roles in a number of major national initiatives including:

  • Urban DEM Modelling Project
  • National Elevation Data (NEDF) Framework
  • National ICSM LiDAR specifications
  • National Topographic Mapping Information Coordination Initiative (NTICI)
  • Dynamic Land Cover Mapping
  • Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (GEOFABRIC)
  • National Forest Inventory (NFI)
  • National Plan for Environmental Information (NPEI).

Among a number of projects, Phil is currently leading the development and implementation of the NRM Spatial Hub. The Hub is a national initiative delivering online mapping, analysis and monitoring capabilities to Australia’s extensive grazing industry.