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Researcher and Project Manager

Jessica Keysers

CRC for Spatial Information

Currently on maternity leave


Jessica is a researcher and project manager for the CRCSI. She has expertise in a variety of fields including terrestrial and tidal vertical datums, the quality assurance of airborne topographic and bathymetric LiDAR, and GIS for applications in the areas of climate change, biodiversity, public land, fire, and environmental resource and asset management.

At the CRCSI she developed a national approach for vertical datum transformations of elevation data in the Australian littoral zone, and subsequently managed the production of a now publicly available transformation tool (AusCoastVDT). Jessica is currently involved in a number of projects including developing a mobile LiDAR compliance and quality assurance tool - QA4MOBiLE (to complement the already developed airborne LiDAR tool - QA4LiDAR), assisting the Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation with GIS and GNSS data collection, developing the national coastal flooding visualisation tool using the Google cloud and airborne LiDAR, and research and report writing for the automated extraction of Victorian river channel features from airborne LiDAR.