Geoff West 2013 compressed

Spatial Infrastructures Emeritus Science Director

Emeritus Professor Geoff West

Curtin University

Emeritus Science Director


Geoff West is the Emeritus Science Director for the Spatial Infrastructures research program. He is responsible for coordinating research projects in this nationally important area. Much of this is currently concerned with the Semantic Web to improve access to national and state spatial datasets, processes and applications.

Geoff's main research interests include image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, artificial intelligence and their applications in the spatial discipline. Current projects employing research fellows and PhD students include mobile mapping and geo-visualisation of health data. Mobile mapping takes laser and image data acquired from moving vehicles and automatically finds the position of features and objects for inventory management and other applications. This has the potential to improve productivity in many areas. Geo-visualisation of health data takes (possibly) confidential health data that has been geocoded, combines it with other data to satisfy a user's needs and determines if the results can be displayed without compromising privacy.