David McMeekin Aug2016

Spatial Infrastructures Associate Science Director

Dr David McMeekin

Curtin University

Associate Science Director, Project Leader 3.01 and 3.02

Department of Spatial Sciences
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987

Perth Western Australia 6845

+61 8 9266 7604



David spent 10 years in the Europe and the Middle East working in the Non Governmental sector, in the areas of Relief and Development and Education. He has an Honors Degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Software Engineering; understanding the cognitive levels that software developers operate at.

David is based at Curtin University, in the Spatial Sciences Department, and joined the CRCSI in 2012 as a research fellow. The task given him was to identify research areas that may underpin the Spatial Infrastructures’ Program strategy.

Currently David is working with and supervising the Program 3 research students as they look at how Semantic Web Technologies can be used to solve the issues within the Spatial Data Supply Chain.