Research Outcomes and Intellectual Property

Newly developed companies create intellectual property and release Research Outcomes into the market, with broad user adoption underway in companies and government agencies.

CRCSI transferred many of its research outputs to its partners. Some examples are:

  • Geoscience Australia has implemented feature extraction software that improved threefold the speed of processing radar imagery
  • Geoscience Australia and Landgate have implemented Improved remote sensing products, such as bidirectional reflectance distribution functions and solar elevation corrections for improving the quality of satellite images
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Queensland Department of Environment and Resources Management implemented Creative Commons licencing in selected data sets and ANZLIC took the in-principle decision to adopt Creative Commons licencing Australia-wide
  • The Victorian government finalising trials of a data grid infrastructure
  • A number of agencies are trialling the CRCSI’s new software for improved accuracy in positioning outdoors including the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, the New South Wales Land and Property Management Authority and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mining
  • Many 43pl member companies use our laser scanning calibration software to improve efficiencies in data processing
  • Two spin-off companies are operating as part of 43pl.