Brisbane Conf2012 DiscussionCollaborations and Innovation

"The CRCSI is seen as being vital to the organisation of the fledgling spatial information industry, and as creating a cross-sectoral collaborative framework that will lead to economic and social benefits to the nation in the longer term."

"The CRCSI’s efforts to create dialogue between the 3 sectors – industry, government agencies and researchers - has been very successful with senior government and industry people stating this has exceeded their expectations" - Report of the Independent Year 3 Review Panel.

43pl recently stated a collective view that they now “have the skills and knowledge of how to interact with and collaborate with both government and academia, whereas before the CRC we knew nothing. Through the CRCSI we have even learned how to work with each other.” - Mark Judd, Chairman of 43pl, Director, Geomatic Technologies Pty Ltd

The entire industry now has a new communication channel through the Australian Spatial Consortium, an organisation whose creation was led by the CRCSI.