graeme wright

Prof Graeme Wright, Chairman

Graeme is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development at Curtin University.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in education and research, engagement with higher education policy at strategic level. He has held appointments in the vocational educational sector and across higher education at executive level, and has a profound understanding of the university research environment and its application to industry and the community.

Graeme has extensive experience on Boards and Committees of research centres and CRCs, liaison with industry and negotiation of funding agreements, and broad research knowledge in spatial information sciences.

He has been closely involved with the CRC for Spatial Information since the initial bid preparation in 2003 then as a member of REAC and the CRCSI Board, and as the Research and Education College representative on the "CRCSI-2" Steering Committee. He chairs the Research and Education College.

As Head of the Curtin University School of Spatial Sciences he led the engagement of Curtin with the CRCSI in the early days of the CRC, and his research background is in remote sensing.