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Em Prof John Trinder

John Trinder graduated from UNSW with a BSurv, MSc at ITC in The Netherlands, and PhD from UNSW.

He is currently Emeritus Professor of the School of Surveying and SIS at University of NSW, having taught and researched for over 45 years in a range of topics in Spatial Information. He has published more than 160 scientific papers in journals and conference procedings.

John has also held a number of executive positions in the Council of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).

John's most recent research as focused on; the fusion of discrete LiDAR and image data for extraction of objects required for mapping, incorporating probability approaches, such as the Dempster-Shafer algorithm, and also on machine learning techniques such as neural networks, classification trees and support vector machines; the extraction of forest characteristics from full waveform LiDAR and the interaction of LiDAR pulses with vegetation; and the application of remotely sensed data for extraction of allometric forest parameters for determination of forest biomass.