arthur berrill

Arthur Berrill

Acting Chair

Arthur Berrill is an independent consultant specializing in location intelligence, spatial research and deep learning and is currently engaged at Scotiabank in Canada. Arthur is a founding board member of the Location Forum that develops best practices and guidelines in the use of location data; a member of the CRCSI Research Investment Committee which is a board responsible for advising the CRCSI board on investment decisions for the research program; a member of the TECTERRA Business Advisory Committee providing evaluations and guidance on the direction of TECTERRA’s funded projects and a member of the GeoLife round table, a world-wide group dedicated to furthering health practices using spatial technologies.

Arthur has 37 years of experience in the architecture, design and development of enterprise spatial systems and solutions including WILDMAP (a GIS before the term existed), SYSTEM 9, SpatialWare, MapInfo products and most recently a suite of brand new products called Location Hub. He holds numerous key patents in the location intelligence and spatial systems domain.

Fascinated by the use of new technology to solve business challenges, Arthur is working on new or improved algorithms and methods borrowed from other disciplines (such as genetics), reinvented for modern architectures (such as massively parallel, share nothing) or imposed on the spatial disciplines by the evolution of technology (such as big data, spatial federation, behavioral science and deep learning).

Previously, Arthur was president of DMTI Spatial and before that, managed the Advanced Concepts and Technology team at Pitney Bowes. He was Inventor of the Year for 2008 and won the TechAmerica 50th Anniversary Innovation Award in 2009. Arthur came to PB through the acquisition of MapInfo where he managed their Advanced Development Department. Arthur is a graduate with Honours from the University of Queensland and did his postgraduate work at the International Institute of Aerial Survey and Earth Sciences in the Netherlands.