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Malcolm McCoy

Malcolm has over 20 years experience as a Director of survey and spatial companies and 35 years in the industry. He has been instrumental in undertaking two recent mergers of survey companies to form Vekta and prior to that to create Survey21. As part of this process he has been involved in lengthy due diligence procedures, and accordingly has been appointed Managing Director of Vekta, one of a few truly national survey and spatial consultancies. His role is to look at the strategic directions of the company and to implement the company Business Plan. Vekta and its predecessors have undertaken projects in numerous overseas countries, and Malcolm understands the complexities and difficulties in undertaking these projects.

He has a profound understanding of survey and spatial disciplines and has contributed to the profession at local, national and international levels.

His areas of expertise are land and engineering surveying but also strategic planning, project management, financial management, contracts administration and QA and OHS.