Levi Mutambo

Spatial Data Infrastructure and Volunteered Geographic Information

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University of Canterbury
Levi Mutambo, located at the University of Canterbury is working on the Supply Chains project (P3.02) to explore the potential of crowdsourcing and open source technologies in addressing the challenges of government-driven Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) in resource constrained contexts. The global spread of mobile devices with mapping capabilities and the maturing of open source software for SDI development have opened the door of opportunity to research on the possibility of crowdsourcing an SDI in order to reduce costs, speed up delivery, and increase access to location information for better decision-making in regional development. Levi’s research centres on spatial data infrastructure and volunteered geographic information. His current focus will see farmers in Zambia supply real-time crop harvesting data into a purpose built app using smartphones donated by Huawei Technologies Australia. Levi’s proof of concept has been developed and is now ready for field testing. Levi's envisaged research outcomes are an open source framework for a crowd-driven SDI which will include a mobile application and web portal to support the crowd in collecting and managing location information.