Jane Meiforth

Kauri dieback disease in New Zealand - development of a monitoring method based on remote sensing.

Jane Meiforth
University of Canterbury
Supervisor (Academic)
Academic Supervisor: Prof. David Norton (Christchurch, NZ) I Prof. Joachim Hill (Trier, Germany)
Supervisor (Industry)
Industry Supervisor: James Shepherd, Landcare Research, NZ / Michael Watt, Scion, NZ
Thesis Abstract

I am fascinated by the use of Geographical Information Analysis and Remote Sensing for the management and protection of nature. During 13 years professional experience I was working with various governmental and research organizations as an Environmental Engineer and GIS Analyst in New Zealand, Norway and Germany. In my current project I evaluate the potential of remote sensing (laser data, satellite, hyperspectral and aerial images) to identify Kauri trees and symptoms of the Kauri dieback disease that show in the canopy. The three year PhD study at Canterbury and Trier University is designed to result in recommendations for a cost-effective monitoring method."