Ben Fitzpatrick

Experimental Designs and Bayesian Spatiotemporal Models for Carbon in Farmscapes

Ben Fitzpatrick Conf2012
University of New England
Supervisor (Academic)
Profs Kerrie Mengersen & Peter Grace, QUT & David Lamb, UNE
Ben Fitzpatrick is located at QUT and works on the Biomass Business project (P4.18) on research into experimental designs and Bayesian spatiotemporal models for carbon in farmscapes. He is also a Research Associate in the School of Mathematical Sciences. Ben’s research is in the area of Applied Statistics leveraging rich ensembles of environmental data layers to aid the interpolation of sparse, ground truthed observations. Ben is open to discussions on point referenced, spatial observations to interpolate with the aid of high resolution observations of other related things. His interests lay with points on a map to predict full cover rasters or smooth surfaces. Ben has opensource code to share and is keen to pursue case studies to analyse and write up as journal articles with interested co-authors.