The Program

AMSI Intern is an innovative national program working across industry, building links between universities and businesses.

AMSI Intern has partnered with the CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) for a Victorian trial of the internship program. This partnership will give access to high end quantitative and analytical expertise from within Australia’s leading universities to benefit the CRCSI partners and the spatial information sector. Following the successful completion of the Victorian trial, the AMSI Intern – CRCSI partnership will be expanded nationally.

The partnership provides financial support to businesses servicing the spatial information sector as a cost effective solution for a research challenge or problem facing your business.

Postgraduate students, along with university supervisors, come from all disciplines to partner with industry through short-term (4–5 month) tightly focused research internships.



  • Further develop & innovate your business for future growth
  • All Intellectual Property remains with your business
  • Potential recruitment opportunities
  • Payroll, insurance & public liability covered by the University
  • CRCSI funding available to eligible businesses
  • 4–5 month internships provide attractive flexibility
  • Connect with educational institutes
  • Access to academic supervisor with specialist knowledge
  • Linkage Grant opportunities
  • AMSI manages admin with quick turnaround times
  • A mature program modelled on international success
  • Bring a new skill set to your business


“The AMSI Intern scheme offers a unique opportunity for CRCSI partner organisations to work with bright researchers on a low-risk, low-cost basis. Interns can be drawn from any discipline — not just the spatial sciences — allowing partners to tap into a range of complementary skills to solve challenging problems of immediate relevance.”
Philip Collier
Research Director
CRC for Spatial Information

“The AMSI intern scheme provides an excellent opportunity for 43pl companies to access the very best in postgraduates for their geospatial projects.It enables the private sector to leverage off the brightest minds through a financially and commercially attractive option.”
Rob Rowell
43pl Board Member and Managing Director
Insight GIS

Program Costs

Businesses meeting the criteria may be eligible for financial support from the CRCSI in the form of a $5000 CRCSI Intern Voucher.


Victorian trial – am I eligible?*

  1. Proposal must be for R&D relevant to the enhancement of spatial information in Australia
  2. Intern AND business must be Victorian-based
  3. One CRCSI Intern voucher per business per year
  4. Business must be either a member of 43pl or Government partner of the CRCSI

* CRCSI to confirm eligibility


Jessica Keysers
Education Manager

Rachel Geddes
Business Development Officer

A copy of the brochure can be downloaded here.

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