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Spatial information is the digital connection between location, people and activities. This information can graphically illustrate what is happening (where, how and why) to show the insight and impact of the past, the present and the (likely) future. The knowledge produced by spatial information is fundamental to the lives of every Australian and usually results in a map.

Destination Spatial is curated by a volunteer run committee representing the private sector, education and research institutions, and industry associations.

Our mission is that Australia has a talented workforce which delivers excellence and sustainability to the spatial industry in Australia and around the world. We build relationships with the private sector, government and education providers, to raise awareness of the spatial industry. And we promote the sector as an attractive career choice for secondary and university students to ensure the future workforce is capable of fulfilling new opportunities.

Strategic Approach

Success will be measured by the increased number of students studying spatially related courses. Our core university and TAFE supporters will continue to host spatial courses that cover the core facets the growing spatial industry requires across science, technology and information. The focus of these courses is to develop a deep discipline knowledge along with workplace attributes such as written and oral communication skills, collaborative working, critical thinking and project management.

Our connections will underpin the career pathway for students, parents and educators, and industry engagement.

To achieve the vision, four key initiatives are supported. These are:

  • Destination Spatial website (update and refresh) – what is spatial information, courses available, industry mentoring and job opportunities
  • Events – university open days and national conferences 
  • Articles and stories to increase the awareness of the spatial industry, build brand awareness of Destination Spatial within the spatial industry and profile next generation success stories
  • Competitions – an annual MapIT! competition with primary and secondary schools. The pilot was hosted by Cardinia Shire Council in 2015 and will be expanded through the Local Government Authority and networks in 2016 and beyond.

How to Contribute

Destination Spatial is seeking financial and in kind support from all facets of the spatial sector – private, education and research institutions, and government – to deliver on our four key initiatives.

Contact Us

To find out more and explore how you and your organisation can get involved in delivering excellence and sustainability to the spatial industry in Australia and around the world please contact us.

Kellee Ireland
Destination Spatial Victoria Chair
Email: Kireland@siba.com.au

To find out more about Destination Spatial and the work we do, please download our brochure here