Haohui Chen

Collaborative Virtual Environment for Knowledge Management - A New Paradigm for Distributed Communications

CHEN Haohui
University of Melbourne
Supervisor (Academic)
Prof I Bishop, Dr C Stock, University of Melbourne & Dr M Trotter, University of New England
Supervisor (Industry)
Dr Chris Pettit, Dept of Primary Industries Victoria
Research Scientist, NICTA
Thesis Abstract

The evolution of concepts and technologies in the field of ICT has brought great potential of improving and even inventing a range of applications in various disciplines. These developments change the ways people uses IT and make us rethink old research topics. I adopted the latest concepts including CVE, Web 2.0 and Mobile computing, to handle a classis and popular research topic – knowledge management. The DKMS prototyped in this research not just facilitates the knowledge management processes, but also offers a new paradigm for Australian agricultural knowledge management.

My overall objective was a system, which I have called iFarming, which allows multiple geographical distributed users to perform knowledge transfer, storage, retrieval, creation and application.