Visualisation and Analysis (4.41)

The goal of this project is to create a tool that disseminates analysed and useable spatio-temporal health information to health professionals, regardless of their spatial information background.

The tool, known as HealthTracks, can be used to identify populations at disease risk and gaps in health service delivery. Furthermore, the resulting visualised information helps communicate these gaps and risks to local program leaders and decision makers so they can make decisions quickly and accurately.

The challenge is to create a dynamic tool which ensures patient privacy, while providing as much detailed health data as possible to the end-user about localised health needs.


End-user consultation and demonstrations of the capability of the web based tool have been presented WA Department of Health, Telethon Institute of Child Health Research, Tasmanian Government agencies, the Menzies Institute, Victorian Department of Primary Industries and the Bureau of Meteorology, plus presentations at SIG Spatial, Florida USA and CRCSI conference NZ.

A comprehensive Utilisation Plan has been prepared for the web based tool. The Plan focuses on end-user benefits, utilisation and engagement model.

The deployment of the tool within the Department of Health, WA; initially focusing on accessing morbidity and demographic datasets is progressing. A distributed database approach has been identified as the most efficient method of accessing each dataset, with metadata retained within the software.

Healthtracks Update

Outlining the features


The Department of Health WA, Spatial Vision, Landgate, Curtin and the CRC for Spatial Information were awarded the 'Spatially Enabled Government Industry Award' in the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) 2010.

The project will integrate map products, modelling output and intelligently interpret results.

Project Participants

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